Hello all! I just finalized the classes I will be offering this May and would like to share the ideas with you. I will be teaching every Saturday during the month of May from 10:00 to 12:00 and I am excited about this line up! First class is titled: “Common Kitchen Culinary Cures” (catchy, huh?) : What medicines you didn’t know you had in your spice cabinet. In this class, I will be discussing what valuable medicines that reside in your kitchen and spice cabinet that you probably didn’t even realize you had. Fresh common kitchen spices can have a profound therapeutic medicinal effect and can ease minor and major complaints and illnesses. I will be discussing garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and thyme, just to name a few.
Class #2 is called “Eat Your Wild Weeds” and I am sure you know where I am going with this one! The early wild weeds that pop up in spring time carry a powerhouse full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, even more so than the greens you find in your local supermarkets. The wild ones are more condensed with nutrition and have an abundance of medicinal qualities. We will identify and learn about the most common ones and even create a delicious salad out of them.
Class #3 : “Spring Cleaning for Body and Soul”. After going through such a severe winter this year, I think we are all in need of a little clean-up and detoxing. We will learn about bitters, herbs to assist the liver and gallbladder and help the digestive system. We will also be discussing ways of jump-starting our circulatory system and maybe even create some healing body scrubs to help with that.
Class #4: Of course we can not have a spring series of classes without including some kind of gardening class and I chose to teach about “Tomato, Basil, and Other Best Friends: Companion Planting With Herbs”. We all have heard about companion planting with vegetables, but have you considered growing herbs as a companion plant? There are many benefits to planting herbs right along side you vegetables. You will learn which herbs make the best of friends along side you garden veggies.
As I said earlier, I am really excited about this line up and interested in hearing from you. Hope to see you in May!