Wild Rose and Rose Quartz Flower Essence


Flower essences can be very subtle yet very powerful when using them for healing any kind of emotional imbalance. Flower essences are a form of herbal medicine based on healing through vibrational energy. The wild rose flower essence magnifies unconditional love. Not only love for your partner, but also for your friends, family, community, and most importantly, love for yourself. This is one of the best flowers for healing the heart, along with the rose quartz essence, it calms the temper, encourages forgiveness, and helps heal emotional wounds and scars. Ingredients include distilled water, brandy, essence of wild rose and rose quarts.  5 ml. amber dropper bottles. Suggested use: take 3 drops under the tongue or in water up to 3 times/day. Can also be used on your body, heart region, linens, or used on personal items.


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