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Tincture blends are custom made for your specific needs. They contain 2 more more herbal extracts, with alcohol, or apple cider vinegar for those that are sensitive to alcohol. Tincture blends are very powerful medicine and one of the quickest ways to act in the body. Many conditions can be addressed using tincture blends such as: colds/flu, viruses, a variety of digestive issues, hormone imbalances, and mood swings. Some of my most popular blends include:

WOMAN’S VITALITY TINCTURE : assists with balancing progesterone/estrogen levels, reduces menopause symptoms, increases energy levels.

SWEET DREAMS TINCTURE :  promotes a restful sleep, aids in quieting the busy mind, eases night time nervous tension.

RESPIRATORY RESCUE: eases lung and bronchial congestion, soothes respiratory tract, calms coughing.

LIVER LOVE: nourishes and maintains liver health

FLU BE GONE: a tincture blend that strengthens the immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria.

When ordering tincture blends, please call me direct so we may discuss your specific needs and I will create a custom blend just for you!



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